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The Law Office Of Anton L. Georghiou has 5 stars on Yelp. See what past clients have said about this experienced San Diego Family Law Attorney.

“They made my divorce process easy”

“It was a great pleasure working with Anton and Emilia, they made my divorce process easy and replied to every email on time and with compassion. I highly recommend Anton and know he's a great lawyer. 100% recommended.”

– Sholz Q., Yelp

“Mr. Georghiou fought for us like we never expected!”

“My husband and I used Mr. Georghiou for legal custody matters between August 2018- February 2019. It was our first time battling the challenges of court and Mr. Georghiou fought for us like we never expected! He guided us through a challenging situation and helped us to achieve the outcome we were fighting for. We had obstacle after obstacle and Mr. Georghiou guided us through with great advice and professionalism from start to finish. We highly recommend this law firm to anyone searching for counsel.”

– Jennifer E., Yelp

“the best possible outcome for me.”

“I was in the midst of a legal issue that had been going on almost a year. Reaching the end of my limits with time, patience and money, I consulted with Mr. Georghiou. Just four short weeks later we have a signed agreement from all parties!!
He was professional, personable and handled the situation based on the best possible outcome for me. Although nerve racking to change attorney's in the midst of proceedings I am so grateful that I did. It ended up being the best outcome for all involved.”

– Wendy R.

“He cared more about me and my case than simply trying to find billable time”

“I interviewed a total of three family law firms and Anton was easily the best of the three. I appreciated Anton's attentiveness and his being mindful of the fees. I really felt like he cared more about me and my case than simply trying to find billable time. His fees were reasonable, he was quick to file all paperwork, and he would regularly keep me up to date on proceedings. I would highly recommend Anton to those who are looking for a well-versed, attentive, and amicable family law attorney.”

– Paul M., Yelp

“Anton and Emilia treated me with the utmost professionalism”

“I reached out to Anton in 2017 after I received a letter from my Ex-wife's lawyer stating that she wanted more money. He gave me solid advice as to how we can proceed with what I wanted (more visitation time with my kids). First of all, my ex did not get any more money from me. Second, we put in a RFO to get me more visitation. The hardest part about getting the courts decision in my favor was the court process. It's very lengthy and Anton made me aware of that from the very first meeting. Anton and Emilia treated me with the utmost professionalism during my process and ensured that we had a solid case to move forward. Anton/Emilia were always available to take my calls/emails. I'm a huge fan of Yelp and rarely ever write a review. From a person that used Yelp to find Anton; all the reviews were legit and he always looks out for the client's best interest. Let Anton/Emilia work their magic for you as they did for me. Their combined efforts got me the results that I wanted and I hope that my review helps you out when it comes to finding a great divorce attorney! The best thing that I loved was how Anton prepped his strategy when we went into court. My ex and her lawyer didn't know what hit them and the judge saw through all their false claims. Thanks Anton/Emilia! My kids also thank you for them being able to spend more time with their Dad.”

– J.M.,Yelp

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